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  • Pre-listing preparation including: Ordering Preliminary Title report, Natural Hazards Reportcomplete Seller Disclosures

  • Open Escrow

  • Review purchase agreement, counter offers, and all opening docs to ensure all are fully executed and properly completed with required dates, initials, and signatures.

  • Coordinate with Escrow, co-op agent, & all parties throughout transaction

  • Provide sellers with all disclosures & broker forms to complete prior to opening escrow if possible (I do this as soon as you notify me a new listing has been signed or you need me to get a listing signed)

  • Deliver disclosures to buyers for review, signature, and return

  • Send copies of termite and any other reports to appropriate agent & escrow

  • Track deposit, appraisal, loan progress, status of inspections and repairs, contingencies, and  all contractual timeframes

  • Upload to broker’s cloud platform upon request (if applicable, otherwise upload to Google Drive)

  • Other duties specific to each transaction

  • Provide Broker with completed, DRE compliant, file upon closing

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